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Ringland-Johnson Building Rock River Valley’s First Employee-based Health Clinic

Ringland-Johnson Construction crews are renovating part of SwedishAmerican’s Immediate Care Clinic to accommodate the recently announced Woodward Health Center. The clinic, located at 2473 McFarland Road, is about five miles or less from each of Woodward’s three facilities.

Ringland-Johnson is utilizing vacant space within the existing facility for the new clinic that will serve Woodward employees and their families. The $500,000 project began in July and is expected to wrap up by the end of 2016. The clinic will house six exam rooms, three storage rooms, multiple physician offices, a conference room and a waiting room.

Crews are completely renovating the 2754 sq. ft. space with new LED lighting, HVAC & plumbing systems, and a reception area. Ringland-Johnson is also constructing a new entryway in the building’s exterior for Woodward clinic patients. SwedishAmerican’s Immediate Care Clinic will remain open throughout the duration of construction.

The health center represents a unique partnership between Woodward and SwedishAmerican, a division of UW Health, as it is the first Rock River Valley clinic to exclusively treat employees from a local business.


“This type of program is truly unprecedented in the region. I think it shows a great deal of dedication from Woodward to provide this level of health care for its almost 4,000 employees,” said Ringland-Johnson President & CEO Brent Johnson. “I’d like to commend both Woodward and SwedishAmerican for coming up with this plan to bring quality care to thousands of people. We’re looking forward to preparing this milestone facility.”

This is the second time in recent years that Ringland-Johnson has worked with SwedishAmerican on an innovative project. The construction company designed and constructed SwedishAmerican’s Regional Cancer Center, which was the nation’s first cancer center to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Healthcare (LEED-HC) certification. The facility, which opened in 2013, offers a number of resources and services for individuals diagnosed with cancer, such as medical oncology, chemotherapy & infusion and advanced radiation therapy.

Ringland-Johnson also provided pre-construction and construction management services for Woodward’s Rock Cut Campus that opened last year. Ringland’s pre-construction sitework included raising the build site by 25 feet and constructing two large retaining walls around the facility’s perimeter. More than 1,500 Woodward employees work to manufacture aircraft fuel systems at the 440,000 sq. ft. campus.

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