Award-winning dedication to safety – unparalleled in the industry.

Safety is a top priority at Ringland-Johnson Construction. Each worker on every construction site is highly trained and well versed in the proper safety measures to prevent injury and reduce risk.

We invest in our people to make sure they’re highly prepared, following proper safety measures, and are equipped with the latest tools to make their jobs as risk-free as possible. Our safety statistics prove it – in fact, we’ve even been recognized by the Associated General Contractors of America for our stellar record.

The US Department of Labor and OSHA partnered with Ringland Johnson on the new Loves Park Woodward Aerospace facility that was completed in 2015.

Ringland-Johnson’s dedication to safety is unparalleled in the industry.  RJC has an exceptional safety performance record (EMR rating of 0.89 vs. the national average of over 1.0) but we aren’t satisfied with this.  Our philosophy is simple. A worker injury on any of our projects is a rare but unacceptable occurrence.  A commitment to no injuries is the only logical and humane approach to a safe workplace. It is RJC’s goal and expectation that no one will suffer an injury in the execution of our work.

Some of the tools we use, to keep EVERYONE safe on the job are: a site-specific safety plan, regular site safety inspections, regular safety meetings, training & certification of workers, and we also require safety manuals and project safety plans from our subcontractors.

Marc Thompson serves as the Safety Manager for RJC.  Marc will work with the entire project team, including subcontractors, and will adapt our preventative, risk management plan.  Our goal is an accident-free project.  RJC will log more than 150,000 man-hours this year.  We work with our insurance loss control experts to exceed OSHA safety standards on a daily basis.  We also provide incentives and rewards to RJC field personnel to emphasize the importance placed on project safety at RJC.

In an effort to ensure job safety, prior to commencement of construction on a project, we assess that project on an individual basis and analyze what risks, if any, are inherent and unique to that specific job. We then monitor and demand adherence to established job-specific safety measures, as well as, safety measures routinely imposed upon all RJC jobs. 

Ringland-Johnson considers safety and accident prevention included within the scope of work of every party involved on projects managed by Ringland-Johnson, from material suppliers and laborers of our subcontractors, to the executive staff of RJC.


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