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Aerospace Utilizing BIM Technology

RJC has significant background and experience utilizing 3-D Building Information Modeling (BIM) and incorporating this technology into our project construction delivery efforts. BIM allows RJC to have total collaboration between the project team. Not only is the visualization of the consolidated 3-D model a great tool for discussions, clarifications, and problem solving, but it helps foster teamwork on the project.

The project team is literally able to see a virtual finished project before any construction work begins. We are all able to resolve construction clashes and ensure that every team member, not just RJC and the Architect, understands the design exactly as it is intended and build it in the field. This is BIM Enabled Delivery, and RJC does it best! We are among the only Contractors/Construction Managers (CM) in the region, and the only Rockford area CM, to have a team of highly-trained employees who have a track record of successfully using BIM Enabled Delivery.

Though our team has the ability to develop models from the A/E 3-D model, at RJC, BIM is actually a process of using and managing models that are created by different team members at different times, for different purposes and with different characteristics. This “”Federal Model”” is a model consisting of linked but distinct component models. It is managed by RJC and becomes the model to analyze the interplay of particular aspects of the component models and to coordinate the content. This technology and information is on the job site and plays an integral role in the construction of the project in the field.

What Our Clients Says

“Hamilton Sundstrand has had the pleasure of working with Ringland-Johnson on many projects over the course of the years. We have come to expect the high standards of quality, cost, and delivery performance from your company and you exceeded those expectations for this most recent project.”
Henry Terhorst

Manager of Facilities Engineering Services


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