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Ringland Commercial Building Design in Rockford

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Blog, Commercial Building Design in Rockford

Ringland-Johnson Construction is a regional leader in Commercial building design in Rockford, Illinois.  Founded in Des Moines, Iowa in 1946, Ringland-Johnson opened a Rockford branch in 1988.  This third-generation construction company has prided itself on its commercial building design in Rockford over the last 32 years and looks forward to continuing to grow our commercial building design in the Rockford area.  

Ringland-Johnson Construction employs an average of 150 people, 40 who are office and administrative staff, project managers, estimators and engineers, with the remaining staff serving as construction superintendents, foremen and craftsmen.  Our project management and strong construction history allows us to provide commercial building design in Rockford that is cost effective and meets schedules for our clients, while being a source of pride for the Owners.  Our end goal for our commercial building design in Rockford is to not only meet the Owners expectations, but to surpass them!