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Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) – Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Want to virtually walk through your new project?

You can do that with Ringland-Johnson Construction…


Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) software allows us to not only plan and build efficiently, but also allows us to give our clients visibility into their finished facility long before construction is complete with insight from virtual walkthroughs.


We are the only industrial and commercial construction firm in the region to utilize this state-of-the-art virtual construction technology in-house.

Ringland-Johnson Construction uses BIM’s sophisticated computer models to allow the project team to see the finished project before any construction work begins, resolve construction clashes, and ensure that every team member understands the design exactly as it was intended. It allows our architects, engineers and project managers to view a 3-D model of every component of the project before ever setting foot on the construction site.

In the hands of our capable team members, BIM becomes a valuable decision-making tool on your project, allowing us to save time, money, and build a higher quality project.

On the Jobsite, BIM Provides:

  • Better Coordination of Subcontractors
  • Better Integration of Various Construction Elements
  • Fewer Subcontractor Change Orders in the Field
  • More Opportunities for Pre-Fabrication
  • Fewer Construction Delays
  • Higher Productivity

Our Virtual Construction Services Include:

  • 3-D Laser Scanning
  • 3-D Model Creation
  • 3-D Collision Coordination
  • 4-D Schedule Integration
  • 5-D Cost Integration
  • “Photorealistic” Rendering Creation
  • Site Staging and Logistics Planning
  • Rendering Creation
  • Daylight Modeling
  • Material Quantity Takeoffs
  • Integrated Work Plans
  • Owner Maintenance Options


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